Busy year and taking a break

It’s been such a busy year with the workshops and also family stuff. I haven’t had a minute to myself with my normal landscape and interior design work as well as running the workshops up to the summer break.

Unfortunately I have had to cancel all the new workshops for September and October now, due to my Dad passing away as well as me having a run of rather bad health. I am not able to do much at the moment and so have had to stop working . I am hoping that my health with improve and that I can do more “outdoor” activities very soon.

Dahlia Bilbao lemon love

I am so sorry for all the people who booked – it would have been our most successful year so far, with totally sold out workshops. Such a shame, but something totally out of my control!

I hope to be able to run the workshops next year but I will know more around November and so will post new workshops for 2016 if I can.

I have kept the 2 half day workshops open for the moment, The What to do in November and December in  the garden as well the What fruit to plant. These are not so heavy going for me and I will have some help.

Meanwhile I leave you with some Autumn flower colour 🙂Perfect Dahlia New Baby

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