Designing a Herb garden for Health, Beauty & Cooking

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Designing a Herb garden for Health, Beauty & Cooking

Designing a Herb garden for Health, Beauty & Cooking

Price: £115.00
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Designing and growing a herb garden for the kitchen, your health or to make your own beauty products. Saturday 16th April 2016.

" Thank you for renewing my interest in food and gardening - I am so looking forward to making the rest of he recipes you have given us. I had such fun, thank you!" Maggie Prior, Hampshire

"An inspiring day - I am now going to go home and plan my herb garden! I loved the various lunch dishes featuring herbs in many guises - who knew Sweet Cicely could be used as a sweetener in jams and cakes?!" Sarah Garner, Oxford

Designing a herb garden for health, beauty and cooking will test your five senses: from tasting, to identifying, eating, smelling and handling a great variety of herbs, we show you how to design, plan, sow and plant your own herb garden.

Whether you are interested in herbs for your kitchen or for your health or beauty, we share our own recipes with you and demonstrate how easy it is to use herbs in your cooking, make herbal teas and beauty potions with your own herbs. We will be looking at easy to make recipes for everyday cooking too (demonstration and some hands-on).

    • £115.00
    • 10am - 4.00pm
    • Full day workshop
    • Printed notes handout
    • Morning and afternoon refreshments offered along with a delicious home-grown two course seasonal lunch including your own picked herbs!
    • Indoors and outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
    • All tools, materials and equipment are provided
    • Take home your sown seeds in large trays (up to 4 each)  as well as 2 potted herbs of your choice

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