Fruit and Vegetables to grow for Summer

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Fruit and Vegetables to grow for Summer

Fruit and Vegetables to grow for Summer

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What Fruit and Vegetables to grow in Summer? We show you what and how. Saturday 7th May 2016.

We run these Grow your Own workshops in the Spring, in the Summer and in the Autumn.  How to grow vegetables and  fruits is the mainstay of the gardening calendar for many people. At each workshop we look at the sowing, planting and maintenance of fruit and vegetable at that time of the year. Perfect for allotments owners, kitchen garden owners, beginners and seasoned gardeners alike. Check out the detailed information for each workshop in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

"Thank you so much for helping me find my way, after so many years of just pottering about and hoping to learn as I went along, I feel like you have given me the tools to really have a  productive and beautiful vegetable garden without the stress! I know I will now enjoy it so much more. Great lunch and super garden." George Stubbs, Southampton

In the summer our course will share with you how to keep the edible food growing. We look at the summer months crops and also what you can sow in the next few months to give you a continuous crop of edibles.

We look at seed sowing and how successional sowing ensures you do not suffer from large gluts of any one vegetables but can plan easily for continuous balanced cropping.

We also cover weeds and pests and how to control them organically. We share with you old family recipes of herbal teas and concoctions to make for your garden,that will feed your plants, deter pests and increase the bio-diversity of your garden.

  • £115.00
  • 10am - 4pm
  • Full day
  • Printed notes handout
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments offered along with a delicious home-grown two course seasonal lunch
  • Practical hands-on course, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear as this workshop takes place indoors and outdoors. We will hold this course even if it rains.
  • All tools are provided and you take home and starter pack given. You take home all the seeds that you sow in large trays with tags and info on how to keep them thriving.

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    Please feel free to bring your own gloves if you wish. Also if you can bring information on what type of soil you grow on, which way is your garden facing and a draft plan and measurements of your growing area

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