What to do in the garden March & April

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What to do in the garden March & April

What to do in the garden March & April

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What to do in the garden for March and April, Saturday 27th February 2016.

If gardening is new to you or you just need to brush up on techniques and processes then join us for a series of practical workshops every two months where we share with you the seasonal tasks you can do in the garden. These workshops encompass the whole of the garden such as trees, hedges, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, annuals, bulbs, herbs and fruit and veg.

Try out all our tips and ideas, and learn from the knowledge we have gathered over the years to ensure you feel confident and enjoy your garden every month of the year. Small gardens, larger gardens and gardening in pots and containers are all covered. The latest scientific research and findings are discussed.

In this workshop we will include, lawn care, soil preparation for planting, seed sowing under protection , preparing for staking, annuals to sow outside, pruning, vegetables. See below for further information.

This is a hands-on workshop.

    • £45.00 per workshop
    • 10am - 12.30am
    • Half day workshop
    • Printed notes handout
    • Morning refreshments offered along with a delicious home-made cake
    • Indoors and outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear
    • All tools and equipment are provided
    • Practical hands-on course and demonstration
    • You get to take away your seeds, cuttings or plants that we work with at each workshop!

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  • Additional Description
    In this workshops we look at further seed planting, pricking out and how to maximise your efforts for a better outcome. We talk you through crop rotation and how to implement successional sowing, we chat about lawns and how to ensure your lawn thrives; we discuss propagation, sowing annuals and other plants. We share with you the seasonal tasks to carry out in the garden. Herbaceous plants, fruit, veg, herbs, trees, we cover everything to give you the best all round information to allow you to enjoy your garden. We look at planting parsnips, onions, celeriac, beetroot and a wide variety of lettuces and brassicas including leaf brassicas as well as micro-greens and vegetables including chillies.
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