Here we share with you gardening websites, artisans we like, food producers, magazines & blogs that might interest you and anything that we love 🙂 or takes our fancy . In no particular order….—recent-published-work.html >>> Lynn will be teaching a workshop here in Spring 2014. She is an award-winning photographer and the first time I met her I instantly liked her no-nonsense approach to life and her work.

 Just Ingredients >>>> another recent find, good for getting some herbs in bulk, also to make my potions and lotions.  They have an organic range and fair trade too. Culinary spices, herbs, powdewrs. Most fo them are here.

Sussex Wholefoods – Healthy Supplies >>>>>> I buy all my pantry items fromthem, fantastic customer service, great products that are hard to find and keeps me healthier 🙂 >>>Anna runs on Eveready batteries! She is the most active person I have ever known. A busy family life and living in the countryside means Anna is forever cooking, running, taking photographs or chatting on social media. A talented food illustrator, one of Anna’s illustration proudly adorns our Aprons here are Roots Shoots & Leaves!

Anna Koska's Artichoke on our Aprons!

Anna Koska’s Artichoke on our Aprons! >>> Stephen Harmer is a Garden History expert and will be teaching a workshop here in Spring on Garden History and taking us through a few 1000 years of this fascinating subject! A delightful family man, Stephen writes for the Garden Design Journal and gives numerous talks throughout the country as well as leading garden design tours abroad. >>> Paul and his wife are a fab team of wildlife promoters. Their meadow in my Garden products are great the for hobby gardeners and you really do not need a meadow to encourage wildlife in your garden! In fact you can sow their seed range in a border, in pots (coming in Spring 2014) and amongst your fruit & veg!

I will be working with Paul as well as stocking some of his range in our pop-up shop. We are also setting up a workshop for early 2014 in designing a wildlife garden and planting meadow flowers for pollination, difficult areas ( under trees)  and smaller spaces. >>> we like this husband and wife team who are bringing seed tapes to the UK market – vegetables, herbs, salads, and now wild flowers!  I will be getting some of these seed tapes in for next year to sell on because they are so easy and it’s a great idea.>>> I subscribed to this and we even are paid up members. I love this, it’s a compendium of UK producers, in every part of the British Isle, with amazing food, people, stories.

The Artisan Food Trail

The Artisan Food Trail >>> bi-monthly publications for interior textiles. Quirky, non-fashionable and definitely inspiring >>>>> definitely paired down, simple, artistically fresh. I like the approach of discovery, sharing, a simple life>>> a local mag (as in UK), all about food, food, food! Based in Bristol they are really into foodie events and I love the photography – it’s exciting, fresh, graffiti-like.>>> I covet her work. Textural, sensual, delicate & organic. Amazing artist, amazing work. >>> I like this – when we plan out next Italy tour this would be a perfect idea to get to know the real culture of Italy which is food! I like this idea of making tourism work for the rural economy and its people right there in the Lucca region.